The civil penalties for discrimination just got steeper and more painful for Metro North Railroad and Long Island Railroad. Metro North and LIRR now are subject to new penalties of up to $100,000 for violations of New York State’s Human Rights Law. N.Y. Exec. Law Section 290 et seq.

New York’s law prohibits discrimination in employment based on disability, age, sex, or race. Now, for conduct occurring after July 6, 2009, Metro North and LIRR are exposed to penalties of $50,000 for such discrimination and up to $100,000 for discriminatory acts that are willful, wanton, or malicious. These civil penalties may be demanded in civil lawsuits brought by railroad employees, and apply not only to the Railroad but to individual supervisors and managers.

The New York Commissioner of Human Rights declared "this amendment to our law will provide the Division with a very powerful tool to fight discrimination." Press Release. And how. So Metro North and LIRR railroad managers beware, your decision to discriminate will cost you dearly.