Federal Rail Safety Act

The latest Federal Rail Safety Act district court decision confirms that the statutory jurisdiction of the federal courts over railroad whistleblower cases can not be limited by DOL regulations or actions.

After trackmen Donald Glista and William Orr reported injuries, Norfolk Southern Railway fired them for "conduct unbecoming" and for making "false and conflicting statements." For that blatant

Here’s a Miscellany of Federal Rail Safety Act items, ranging from the United States Supreme Court to how to file in federal district court to how to award attorney fees.

United States Supreme Court Cites Section 20109

Protecting whistleblowers has deep bipartisan support in Congress, and the United States Supreme Court also goes out of

Two recent decisions clarify the "intervening event" defense, the limitations period, and the basis for emotional distress damages in Federal Rail Safety Act cases.

An "Intervening Event" Is Not A FRSA Defense

Railroads often argue that the firing of an employee was based on an "intervening event" that breaks the causal connection between the FRSA protected activity and