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Recognizing it’s hard to blow the whistle once you’ve been gagged, OSHA has issued new guidelines prohibiting the use of gag and confidentiality clauses in settlement agreements. See Policy Guidelines for Approving Settlement Agreements in Whistleblower Cases.
OSHA reviews settlement agreements between whistleblowers and their employers “to ensure they are fair, adequate, reasonable, and in

Another Circuit Court has clarified the standard for awarding punitive damages to rail whistleblowers, this time in the context of jury instructions.
 After Springfield Terminal Railway Company fired Jason Worcester for raising safety concerns, he filed a Federal Rail Safety Act whistleblower complaint in federal court.  The district judge instructed the jury that:
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Railroad defense lawyers love to file summary judgment motions because it delays the trial while padding their hourly bills.  But the Federal Rail Safety Act now allows employees to turn such motions into a sword that guts the railroad’s defense.

The facts in Smith-Bunge v. Wisconsin Central, Ltd  follow a familiar pattern. Todd Smith-Bunge felt