The Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Murray v. UBS eliminates the use of “intentional retaliation” to defeat Federal Rail Safety Act whistleblower cases. But Murray does much more than that. By clarifying the FRSA’s two step burden of proof, it serves as a road map for winning “late” or “false” injury report FRSA cases. Here’s

Every day, the operations of our nation’s railroads place at risk the safety of countless passengers, employees, drivers at crossings, contractors along the tracks, and the homes, schools, and work places in communities through which trains carry toxic and explosive materials. If a railroad worker is suffering from a medical condition rendering him fatigued, unable

A recent decision against Amtrak clarifies the Federal Rail Safety Act rights of injured employees to return to work over a railroad’s objection.

After Amtrak locomotive engineer Jonette Nagra reported a work related injury, her treating neurosurgeon kept her out of work on temporary total disability. Eventually her doctor released her to return to work