Need more proof that retaliation doesn’t pay? Check out this scenario. Workers raise safety concerns with their carrier and OSHA. Carrier files a defamation lawsuit against the workers. Workers file Whistleblower complaint with OSHA. OSHA investigation finds lawsuit was in retaliation for the workers’ protected activity, and PRESTO! the carrier has to pay $7.8 million in compensation and attorneys fees.

And to top it off, OSHA orders the carrier to withdraw the lawsuit and give all its employees notice of their Whistleblower rights. Read about it here. The carrier this time happened to be an airline, but the same scenario would apply to a railroad carrier arrogant enough to do the same to its workers. And we all know there is no dearth of arrogant railroad managers out there who think they have a license to retaliate against employees who dare to raise safety and injury concerns. So get ready for a flurry of tough orders against rail carriers, now that the first wave of OSHA investigations under the relatively new Federal Railroad Safety Act are coming to a head.