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FRSA’s Sharp Teeth Starting To Bite Railroads

Posted in Federal Rail Safety Act, Rail Labor, Railroad OSHA Whistleblower, Railroad Safety
Talk about leveling the playing field. OSHA’s FRSA Whistleblowers have sent another powerful message to rail management: sorry guys, but the days of business as usual are officially over. Supervisors are no longer free to retaliate at will against employees who raise safety concerns. It all started when a Union Pacific Railroad Company welder performing… Continue Reading

The Real Meaning of Election of Remedies Under the FRSA

Posted in Rail Labor, Railroad OSHA Whistleblower, Railroad Safety
  The coalition of unions on Metro-North Railroad, the Metro-North Labor Council, recently met with the top administrators and whistleblower investigators from OSHA’s Regions 1 and Region 2. Every craft on the Railroad was represented by at least one rail labor official. The spokesman for OSHA was Region 2 Supervisory Investigator Michael Mabee. It was… Continue Reading

One Man’s Coalition Is Another Man’s Conspiracy

Posted in Rail Labor
  You know the old saying, "One man’s meat is another man’s poison"? Well, one of the highlights for me at the last National Mediation Board’s "Conference on Labor/Management Relations at the Passenger Railroads" in Washington DC was the comment of William Murphy, Deputy General Manager Labor Relations on New Jersey Transit. Speaking on behalf… Continue Reading

Welcome to Train Law Blog

Posted in Rail Labor, Railroad Injuries
Welcome to Train Law Blog, where all things of legal interest to railroad employees and rail labor representatives are considered. Railroad workers live in a subculture governed by a melange of esoteric federal statutes and agencies most people (and attorneys) have never heard of: the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the National Mediation Board (NMB);… Continue Reading