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Video Interview: Discussing the landscape of rail safety with LXBN TV

Posted in Railroad Accidents, Railroad Safety
Responding to my recent post  about Metro North Railroad’s Spuyten Duyvil train derailment, Colin O’Keefe of LXBN interviewed me regarding the culture of rail safety on our nations railroads, and the external and internal factors that make it so subpar.  Rail employees are the eyes and ears of safety on the property, but recently Congress and OSHA’s Whistleblower Directorate have confirmed a… Continue Reading

FRA Requires Stronger Rail Cars

Posted in Federal Rail Safety Act, Railroad Accidents, Railroad Injuries
  Starting in March, commuter rail cars must be built with stronger front-end frames to better protect passengers during collisions. click here This is good news, but underscores the importance of avoiding collisions in the first place. How? Rail workers are the eyes and ears of safety on the tracks. If they hestitate to raise safety concerns… Continue Reading

Railroad Workers Gain New Protection Against Retaliation For Injuries

Posted in Railroad Accidents, Railroad Injuries, Railroad OSHA Whistleblower
As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Here’s an amazing new law that every rail worker should know about. The Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA), 29 U.S.C. Section 20109, hands employees a shield and a sword to fight back against rail managers who heretofore have retaliated against workers with impunity. The FRSA prohibits retaliation whenever… Continue Reading