The railroads obviously have gotten together and agreed to push the bogus argument that any involvement by an employee in the Railway Labor Act CBA grievance-discipline process automatically constitutes an "election of remedies" under Federal Rail Safety Act subsection (f) that precludes any FRSA complaint. It is a bogus argument because it completely ignores the effect

The coalition of unions on Metro-North Railroad, the Metro-North Labor Council, recently met with the top administrators and whistleblower investigators from OSHA’s Regions 1 and Region 2. Every craft on the Railroad was represented by at least one rail labor official. The spokesman for OSHA was Region 2 Supervisory Investigator Michael Mabee. It was

You know the old saying, "One man’s meat is another man’s poison"? Well, one of the highlights for me at the last National Mediation Board’s "Conference on Labor/Management Relations at the Passenger Railroads" in Washington DC was the comment of William Murphy, Deputy General Manager Labor Relations on New Jersey Transit. Speaking on behalf