For those of you interested in the Federal Rail Administration’s Final Rule on the use of cell phones and other electronic devices, here it is.  The Rule is that railroad operating employees can "not use an electronic device if that use would interfere with the employee’s or another railroad operating employee’s performance of safety-related

The truth is always refreshing, especially when it comes from an unexpected source. Veteran rail manager David L. Gunn was hired by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) Board of Directors to tell them how to improve safety on the DC subway system. His conclusion? “End the ‘shoot the messenger’ culture at all levels

Here’s a quick look back at some of this year’s notable developments in the rail safety world:

March: FRA bans railroad supervisors from medical examining rooms: click here

June: OSHA’s Whistleblower Office issues $300,000 in punitive damages against Metro North Railroad for violations of the Federal Rail Safety Act FRSA, setting important precedent: click here

 Some people just don’t get it. CSX Transportation managers definitely fall into that group. In a lengthy Investigative Report released in March of 2008, the Federal Railroad Administration put CSX on notice that its management culture of harassment and intimidation intended to dissuade employees from reporting injuries had to stop. In response, CSXT made

Last month, the first reported Order imposing punitive damages against a railroad for violating the FRSA anti-retaliation law came to light. It concerned retaliatory conduct by Amtrak in Seattle, but the OSHA Whistleblower Office Press Release announcing the Order provided few details about what actually happened.

Well, my curiosity was piqued. I managed to get

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Here’s an amazing new law that every rail worker should know about. The Federal Railroad Safety Act (FRSA), 29 U.S.C. Section 20109, hands employees a shield and a sword to fight back against rail managers who heretofore have retaliated against workers with impunity.

The FRSA prohibits retaliation

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